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Garden Update (August 2022)

What has been happening with the garden so far this summer? Check out our latest video below! Overall Progress Results Long, wet spring and summer meant everything has been super delayed and/or stunted SLUGS. They are a huge problem this year. The deer are always annoying but there is less for them to eat, so Read more

egg noodles

Homemade Egg Noodles

Well, I had to try it. I’ve made the sauce from scratch, so next was to try the noodles. I have seen videos here and there on how homemade pasta is so awesome, so I wanted to try it. I found a very basic recipe (flour, salt, eggs, water) and gave it a shot! It Read more

The Vegetarian Book Review

What happens when you combine Korean culture, an unfulfilling marriage, and a bad dream? Apparently schizophrenia and destroyed families is your answer. This is a story about a Korean woman that is ordinary in every which way. Her husband married her because she is so plain and typical. In short, he settled hardcore. It was Read more

Washington Black Book Review

Back around 2012 or so, I went to an author event where Esi Edugyan read an excerpt from her other book, Half Blood Blues. Her writing is something special. It flows seamlessly and absorbs you into the story. I have been looking forward to reading her new book, Washington Black, for quite some time. It Read more

Cease To Blush

I didn’t know what to expect from this one. I got it from a mystery grab bag at a book sale, so I gave it a shot. At first, I was put off by the feminist-nazi feel in the beginning, but once I realized the main character opposed it, I gave it a fair shot. Read more

Easter 2022

Happy (Belated) Easter! I hope the Easter bunny was kind to you and that you and your family enjoyed a few moments (or more!) of relaxing downtime together. As we all know, its all about the food. This year’s Easter Dinner turned out really well, so I am going to share what we had. What’s Read more