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Garden Update (August 2022)

What has been happening with the garden so far this summer? Check out our latest video below!

YouTube video of our garden progress (or lack thereof)

Overall Progress Results

  • Long, wet spring and summer meant everything has been super delayed and/or stunted
  • SLUGS. They are a huge problem this year.
  • The deer are always annoying but there is less for them to eat, so I haven’t seen them around as much.
  • Used a different type of soil and it is pretty awful. We had a soil with some sort of marine influence and the seeds loved it. Switched to a different topsoil and everything said NOPE! So frustrating because it is difficult to get soil from the store to my house.
  • Had a hard time getting peppers to go, but was able to grow 3 jalapeno plants and 1 Chinese red pepper
  • Cucumbers and pumpkin did fine until they went outside. I hardened them off for about a week but I suppose it wasn’t enough.
  • Got some new blooms for the first time!

So, I’m not super thrilled but things could be worse. I am hoping now for more of a fall/winter root veggie crop. The rutabaga look good and I have carrots, parsnips, and beets planted. Here’s hoping we can get a bit of a bounty later. 🙂

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