About Honey Fox Living

Honey Fox Living is all about authenticity, sustainability, and healthy living. Whether it is for the environment, the future, or the now, there is always something to learn and grow from.

Located on the west coast of Canada, Honey Fox Living is one family’s documentation of striving to become more self sufficient. Getting back to nature while still existing in the modern world with modern amenities, in a realistic way. We want to be completely free of corporations, unless by choice. We don’t want to rely on grocery stores with food shipped from across the world, but we may buy that new video game that comes out!

We are not pioneers living off grid, but we are doing what we can with what we have. You will find various videos, images, blog posts, and ebooks about gardening, cooking, preserving food, healthy living, weight loss, and much more.

Please join Shane and Crystal on our quest for a long, healthy life.

Our Passions

Our passionate vision is to be independent of society’s restraints – corporate and industrial. These factors push people to buy goods and food at grocery stores, big box department stores, and everything in between. We want to break away from these restraints to get back to a self-catered, controlled environment. We want to know what is in the food we eat, where it came from, and feel good that we are probably extending our lifespans by doing so.

We do not have acres of land to have a homestead. We have a city plot in a small town with very little to offer. You won’t find a herd of cows out back, but you may spot hubby building a fence to keep away the “wildlife” of the town. What we want are things we have to work hard to get, without any help from others. This is our journey of making that a reality.

Our Goals

Our first goal is to grow the food we eat. Organic food in the grocery store is very expensive. Food grown in our own backyard tastes better, saves us money, and may help us live longer.

A second goal is to improve our health. We feel we can do this through healthy eating, exercising, and learning and growing together. Not only will our physical bodies change with better care, but our mental well-being and stress levels will improve.

Our end goal, or final vision, is to live on a large plot of land growing 99% of the food we eat, complete with chickens, honey bees, massive gardens, orchards, etc. Modern homesteaders, if you will. We want to fully get away from relying on society’s contributions for our sense of well-being.

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